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International Bridge CyberFair

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The purpose of The International Bridge Cyberfair is for schools, clubs, federations, teachers, individuals to use Internet to share resources, establish partnerships and built relationships with global citizens to accomplish a global bridge village..

This fair consists of stands which belong to below categories:

Club, Commercial, Education, Event
Junior, Organisation, Personal, Teacher

Each stand consist of members' page:

This page can be member's best played
or best bid hand
(Your visitors are able to play this hand)
Any organization, teacher,student or club
can advertise themselves here!
With or without best hand..

It is my personal pleasure to greet everybody who
participates in this fair by taking a stand...

Hit above Construct/Update Your Stand link for writing and posting your best hand.. Stand construction (posting a hand) is very easy.
You will be given a web page with unfilled textboxes. You will construct your stand just by filling those empty textboxes. Rest of the job will be done by computer.

You don't have to complete the stand at once.
You can come back to it later..
Write a hand in seconds
And let the visitors play it..