B r i d g e 7 International Bridge CyberClub
        B r i d g e 7 International Bridge CyberClub

The purpose of The International Bridge Cyber Club is for schools, clubs, federations, teachers, individuals to use Internet to share resources, establish partnerships and built relationships with global citizens to accomplish a global bridge village.

Use "membership form" at the left to become a member.. You can update your records with 
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Join our tournaments at BBO. Always find your Bridge7 Friend to play with....
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In Bridge7 Tournaments all the pre-dealt boards are from a former World Bridge Championship.

Compare your performance with world champions like Goren, Reese, Belladonna, Zia Mahmood.
If the space in MEMBERSHIP FORM is not enough to introduce yourself, your web page, your picture etc.
Members can take a stand in our Cyberfair
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