Leave your old fashioned dealers, enjoy the internet in the 21th Century.
Organize concurrent tournaments and make the whole world a single bridge club!

Directors/Teachers can make up to 36 boards..
Directors/Teachers can give permission for the boards to be accessed over internet for results, replaying, analyzing etc...


Director's password: yalcin



Copyright 2008, Yalcin Pekiner


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Find below some free software and articles about Dupicate Bridge:

Software For Learning Duplicate Bridge /IKILI BRIC OGRENME

Duplicate Scoring

Practice Duplicate Scoring 

Articles for Learning Duplicate Bridge

What is Duplicate Bridge?

Duplicate bridge can be played by any number of players divided into pairs or teams. Each pair competes against the other pairs. Already dealt cards are placed in  boards. On the board, the dealer and conditions of vulnerability are marked..

In one table bridge you and your partner are compared with your opponents by your score..

In duplicate bridge you and your partner compared with other pairs playing the same hand by Matchpoints and International Matchpoints..

Scoring in Duplicate Bridge 

Table 1:  Trick Score
You get these scores for each trick. 

Trump Trick Score Doubled
Trick Score
Trick Score
Spade 30 60 120
Heart 30 60 120
Diamond 20 40 80
Club 20 40 80
Notrump first trick 40,
thereafter 30
first trick 80,
thereafter 60
first trick 160
thereafter 120

Add 50 points for partscore contracts.
Add 300 points for nonvulnerable game contracts.

Add 500 points for  vulnerable game contracts.


Non-vulnerable four spades contract:
Score   4 x 30  = 120
Award              =300

Total                = 420

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