9.3 Establishing Tricks 
If your quick tricks are not enough for contract, you must establish low-card tricks in side suits.. 






In order to establish tricks in a long suit you may draw high cards: If you hold a long suit, you will continue to play that suit until the defenders hold no more cards in that suit. Then, your remaining low cards will be promoted.. 

You can also establish tricks by ruffing the low-cards in your long suit until the defenders hold no more cards in that suit.. Your remaining cards will be promoted then..

In order to develop suits in clubs in the hand diagram at the left, the best play is to duck in either hand, before drawing AK of clubs. Later when you obtained the lead, you can make 4 club tricks. If you have enough entries you can also draw AK and lead 8. The opponents will take this trick. But later when you obtain the lead, you can make two more tricks with low-cards 5 3, because opponents' clubs will be finished... 

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