9.9 Squeezing
When you get old, you will have nothing to do but chasing the cards and  squeezing..

So, it is the time now to learn squeezing techniques of  playing cards!




Contract = 4
Op. lead     =5
K 8 4
J 3 2
6 4 3 2 
A 10 8 

Q 7 5
K Q 8 5 
Q J 9 5 3

J 9 5
A K 10 8  
10 9 7
7 6 2

A Q 10 7 6 3
9 6 4
K 4



A 10 8


Q J 9

9 7
7 6

K 4


Squueze is forcing the opponents to discard their master cards which makes your low ranking cards as winner.  By squeezing you may win with a possible loser card.. 

Look at the hand diagram for a squeeze at the left. Contract is  4. West's oppening lead is 5 East wins and continues with low heart. West wins and plays again a low heart. East win and return 10. South already lost three tricks. So, he must win the rest of the tricks. But J is as a looser.. There is no safe way for J except squeezing West in one of the minors..

South overtakes East's 10 with A. In order to squeeze West, South starts to draw trumps.  The card diagram at the left shows the distribution of hands before drawing the last trump (3). 

South's last trump squeezes West: If West discards K then South's J will be winner. If West discards 9 on South's last trump (3), South discards 6 from dummy. Draws K, enters dummy with A, since West will be exhausted in clubs, dummy's last club (10)is winner.
If you have a sure looser (or loosers) which has no safe place to escape, try squeeze..

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