Don't Ignore Defensive Techniques

Cappadocia is a huge area in Turkey which covers some underground cities. It takes a couple of days to see the whole area. There are thousand of natural, pyramid shape rock formations (fairy chimneys). Also in this extraordinary area there are many rock carved churches, monasteries, rock castles, chambers and of course underground cities..

Dear Players,

Uppercut is a hard term for a soft game like bridge. So I propose to change uppercut as "Cappadocian Coup" dedicated to the people who need defense..

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     In order to win in bridge, you must also learn defensive techniques..You can  visit Cappadocia in order to see the history of human defense (against nature, swift raids and invasions). In Cappadocia, the rock has been exploited throughout the ages for defense by the local inhabitants.. 

     In bridge, you must learn how the cards can be exploited for defense.
One of the widely used defensive techniques in bridge is "uppercut" which is also a boxing or self defense technique..

Ruff in an attempt to force an opponent's higher trump (usually with a mind to promoting a trump trick for partner. From

     Look at the below hand diagram.. South is playing 5.  West starts with A and K of spades.. Then he leads 2. Dummy plays 10.  Now, it's time for East to uppercut: East must ruff with Q (high trump). If declarer overruffs, West's J will be master..

Contract: 5   10 6 5
K 9 3
10 9 7 6
A K Q 7 4 2
7 6 3
10 5
J 4

J 8
10 8 4 2
2 4 6 7 8
Q 2

9 3
Q 9 5
A K 8 5 3

     For a successful uppercut, both defenders must realize that they need an uppercut to defeat the contract. As you noticed, West (whose trump will be promoted) did not lead Q in the third round. Because his partner might not ruff a master. East (who uppercuts) played his high trump. If he played 2 declarer would overuff with 3. And declarer's high trumps would not be effectively knocked out promoting an extra trick for West..

     Also, defenders must cash all their winners before attempting to an uppercut. Otherwise, declarer can discard one of his losers instead of overruffing and uppercut fails.

For a successful uppercut:

1- Defenders must cash side suit winners before attempting an uppercut,

2- Defender must uppercut with a high trump,

3- Defender who leads a card which will be trumped, must lead a low card.. If it is a master, his partner can discard (forgetting uppercut)a card instead of trumping..

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