Put More Conventions Into Your Basket

A Village Bazaar
In Turkey you can observe most of the social conventions in a village bazaar. In some bazaars auctions determine the price: There is one item, one seller and multiple potential buyers who can bid for the item. A bid is an offer to buy at the price specified in the bid. In the auction section, the relationship between salesman and customer is not different than the opponents and you at bridge table... I am sure that, if you visit our bazaars you will learn more about the auctions and the conventions..

The oldest and biggest closed bazaar in the world is in Istanbul which is called Grand Pazar. 

For further information about bazaars in Turkey please visit:


A young bridge player:
"Do I have to learn all these conventions in bridge?"
Old player:
"Not all of them, but, most of them.."

     The calls you make during the auction send a message to your partner; The conventions are invented to post as much information as possible into each message you send to your partner.  So your partnership can reach an optimal contract.. There are many conventions. Below "Conventions Table" shows the mostly used conventions in bridge:

5 Card Majors
Gambling 3 NT
Negative Doubles
New Minor Forcing
Artificial Two Clubs
Control-Showing Cue Bids
Roman Key Card Blackwood
Michaels Cue Bids Convention
Unsual 2 NT Convention
Lebensohl  Convention
D.O.P.I. and R.O.P.I.
See Section-10  for practising the conventions

     First three conventions are bridge systems which also include opening bids. Fourth one is simply an opening bid.. The rest of them are used later in the auction. In this lesson I will not explain all these conventions. But, I will show you how four of these (arrowed ones) conventions used in an auction.

     The below hand is played by Martin Schaltz and Andreas Marquardsen and awarded as Best Bidding Sequence by the WBF- Bulletin..

The below hand diagram  and the auction table  are taken from World Bridge Federation- Montreal World Bridge Championships Bulletin,  Issue-1, 17 August 2002, Page15http://www.worldbridge.org
Contract: 7
Op. lead :A             
A 7 6 2 
Q 10 6 4 
K 10 9 2
K Q J 10 9 4 
Q 7 2
A 8 5

8 3 
J 5
K J 9 7 3 2
7 5 4

A K 9 8 6 4 3
A Q 8 6 3
- - - 1
1 Dble Pass 4
Pass 4 Pass 4 NT
Pass 5 Pass 7
Pass Pass Pass

Click on the buttons near the biddings to learn the convention used for that bid...

     South opens 1 according to 5-card majors system (1. convention). East overcalls 1. North doubles (2. convention) to show his 4 cards in both minors. South jumps to 4 to show his strength and also informing his partner that clubs are accepted as trumps. Since clubs are accepted as trumps, it is time for North to show his control card. Since he does not hold the ace of diamonds, he must skip diamonds and trumps and bid 4 to show his ace of spades (3.convention). 

Now, it is time for South to bid 4 NT to learn the number of aces in his partner's hand.  Since the clubs are agreed trumps, South's 4 NT is Roman Key Card Blackwood (4. convention). North's 5 response shows that he has 2 key cards. South knows  that one of the key cards is ace of spades. The other key card can not be ace of diamonds (otherwise North should bid 4 after South's 4 bid.. So, second key card is definetly King of trumps..

So much information is enough for South to bid 7...


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