Happy Ending

The Beatles

The Beatles were four young rock 'n' roll musicians from Liverpool, England. 

At the beginning (when they were raw) in 1962 they sang the song,
"Love me do"
They were born with this song. 

Later (when they cooked),  they called out to the people with the song:
"I know this
Love of mine
Will never die"

Before the end (when they were burnt) they cried out what they long for:
"All you need is love"
Beatles knew that the music was the best way to express feelings. Please find below their instruments used to perform their music..

Instruments used by The Beatles


Mevlana Celaleddin RUMI (1207-1273) is famous Turkish philospher. Mevlana had gone one step further than Beatles in explaining love. For Mevlana, the aim of life is to be reunited with God. This can be achieved through the love of everything that exists (since everything in the world is a reflection of God) or through death. For Mevlana death would take him to his Beloved; that is, the God..

Seb-i Arus (the night at which Mevlana reached to his Beloved) is commemorated by his followers each year with "Sema" a whirling dance to music.. The musical instruments used to accompany "Sema" are shown at the below picture:

Instruments used by Mevlana's followers 
(Mevlana Museum- Konya/Turkey)

Tef: Tambourine
Ney:Reed flute
Ut: Oud
Kastanyet: Castanet
Kudüm: Small double drum
Kemençe: Three stringed violin
Tambur: Stringed instrument like guitar

The universality of Mevlana's thought find its reflections in the below famous verses:

Come, come, come again
Whoever, whatever you may be, come..
Though you are heathen, fire worshipper or idolatrous, still come..
Come even if you deny your oaths a hundred times,
Ours is the portal of hope, come, as you are..


Bridge7 Members

Dear Members,

Bridge game is an excellent means  to build friendship: Use bridge game across the Internet to build friendship bridge around the globe.

In order to strengthen this bridge you must reach higher levels of qualification: My site and Mevlana's below verses will help you in achieving the qualification you need:

In generosity and helping others be like river,
In compassion and grace be like sun,
In concealing others' faults be like night,
In anger and fury be like dead,
In modesty and humility be like earth,
In tolerance be like sea,
Either exist as you are or be as you look.

Please find below  the equipment you need for your mission. Good Luck.

Instruments used by Bridge7 members



Dear Members,

As you guessed this is the last lesson of "Lessons in Bridge" series.. In this lesson I will explain endplay techniques in bridge, and I will also describe your mission as a Bridge7 member.

In the game of bridge a play ends when 13 tricks are played. In some plays, you may start preparation for the ending part in early stages. If you learn endplay techniques, you may change the ending part of a play from chaos to joy.

     The stage of life is not very different than the table of bridge: Instead, the number of tricks that must  be played is unknown until the end of the play. This is normal: Because the number of tricks you made has no effect on the score.. There are many systems in all over the world. Almost all of the systems accept the same scoring in which fair play and kindness get highest score.. In all systems players learn their own endplay technique when he/she was a little boy/girl. All  the techniques are based on happiness.. 

 More than 35 years ago Beatles to Western world, and 700 years ago Mevlana to Eastern World showed what they need for happy endings in the stage of life. It is simple to apply, and easy to remember: 
"All they need is love, love is all they need"

Dear Members,

Beatles and Mevlana used music and dance to express themselves. 

Use bridge game across the Internet for our mission which is strengthen friendship bridge around the globe. Also use all your efforts to make bridge more beautiful...

Now, Lets turn back to endplay techniques in bridge again:

 An endplay occurs in a bridge play when a player gives away a trick forcing the opponents to lead into his "tenace" holding.. This can be achieved if you left with a single or double suit.

 Endplays with single suit:


 If South leads ace of clubs first, he is end played.. If South leads ten of clubs East is endplayed. 

Endplays with double suits:

Endplays with double suits is explained in below two diagrams:





A- If South plays four of hearts, West is endplayed to give one trick to South.


B- If South plays four of clubs, West is endplayed to give two tricks to South.

     Now, here is a full  hand diagram for an example of an endplay:

Contract: 6
Op. Lead:K            
A 7 2
6 5 2
10 7 5 4 3
6 4
8 6
J 7 4  
K 10 6 
K Q 10 9 8

J 10 9 5 3  
J 10 2
7 5 3 2

K Q 4
A K Q 10 8 3

West leads K in a 6 contract. South wins and runs his trumps, clears spades from hand and dummy. And draw rest of the trumps. Final diagram is:

Contract: 6
Op. Lead:K            
10 7 
K 10  

J 10 2


When South leads J, West gives last two tricks to declarer.

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