Never Play Egoistically

1- The world of egoist partners..                                          Near Ankara

2- The world of partners if one of them plays egoistic.           Göynük/TÜRKiYE

3- The world of partners if both of them play for partnership. 
       Seven Lakes

     The second lesson in Bridge is the most difficult lesson for the newcomers. Because, most of the players want to play for himself (or herself) instead of playing for partnership.. 

     Some of the bridge players passed away without learning this lesson..

     It takes time to teach people that bridge is a partnership game.. Some players bid for themselves, leads (for opening) for themselves and play for themselves..They are not aware that they make their partner unhappy.. They even don't care about the flushing face of their partners. 

     In this lessons we will study the world of partnership:

     Look at the first picture at the top left.. In this picture you can see the world of partners if both of them play egoistically.. As you see, the world they created does not worth to talk about.

     So, let's study the world of partners if one of them plays for partnership but the other one plays egoistic.. If you look at the second picture at the left you can see the world of this kind partnership.. You probably made the distinction easily: The partner closer to you is egoistic player..

     The third picture shows the world of partners if both partner play for each other. What a wonderful world, isn't it? In this world fishing is very easy.. If you catch three or four fish at a time you are unlucky. Because in this world, catching six or seven fish at a time is child's play...

Note: The third picture is Lake 7 of Seven Lakes in Bolu/TURKEY. Bridge7 got his name from the bridge on this lake. If you follow my lessons, you may  get the chance to see the picture of Bridge 7; It is a simple, wooden bridge. People don't need it to cross the lake.. It can be used as a place to learn how to catch some extra fish. Or,  some people just pass through to learn how to catch fish at the bridge..

Photographs by B7


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