Stretch Your Feet According to Your Quilt


Naturally Grand Slam!


Click this button for dealing a new hand

Hit Deal and then hit the type of the contract that N-S can Make

  If I tell you to look at the left picture and make a wish,  non bridge players will wish new cars,  billion dollars or  Grand Holidays. But, a bridge player will wish couple of grand slams per day..
     Because the bonus of making a grand slam bid is 1500 points.
     The hardest decision for a bridge player is  bidding grand slam.. Because, slam is mostly 100% guaranteed before bidding grand slam.

     If you bid unsure grand slam, instead of sure  slam, and go one down, you will lose 750 points. This is also true for bidding  slam instead of game contract..

     Try to be contented with  slam, if you think that grand slam is not sure:

     "Don't lose what you have in the effort to get more !"

     So, you must always measure your hand precisely. Here is a measurement table for you to measure the size of your hand: Make the measurements together with your partner's hand.

Size of Your Hand Abbr. Suitable Contract Combined Total Points
Small S Part score 0-24
Medium M Game 25-32
Large L Small slam 33-37
Extra Large XL Grand slam 37-40

Bid grand slam whenever you feel your hand is XXL

After I established the above table, I read some bulletins from World Bridge Championships. And I noticed that new champions don't care about my above table.

We were opening 1NT with 16-18 points.. Then 15-17 points accepted in dublicate clubs.. But we are puzzled when we run  into some hands which are opened 12-14 points. They even can open 1NT with 9 points... These are all depend on partnership agreements. As a summary I can say that, the champions measure the size of their hands with points, distribution of suits and stoppers. The distribution helps a lot in making a contract:

For example, 3NT game points can drop from 26 to 18 total points. Didn't you believe me? Then watch the below hand played by a champion:

 If you click the below link, you will watch a champion while he was making 3NT game with only 18 total HCP in both hands


If you click above link, you can play a hand which is taken from World Bridge Federation- WBF.



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