Don't Roll Up Your Trousers Before Reaching The Stream
(Squeeze Play)

Picture shows an example of a double squeeze -by BridgeBABA- in which both defenders (West and East) are squeezed. The hat is the best suit for an entry to dummy (back players)..
Note. Don't try this squeeze if defenders have stronger holdings.)


A 2
K J    


Q 4 

Diagram shows an example of a
 single squeeze in which single defender (West here) is squeezed..
If you were West, you would think that South has one loser in each suit)




     Squeeze is an exciting play. I didn't want to keep newcomers long away from this excitement. That is why I replaced squeeze play as a fifth lesson in bridge.
     A squeeze play always reminds me Mr. Seguin's Goat** which is a story of a small goat called Blanquette.. She dreams to go and play at mountains like a wild goat. Mr. Seguin warns her about the wolf.. But Blanquette thinks that wolf cannot eat her because she has "two sharp horns". One day she gets free from her owner. She happily plays on the mountains. But when it gets dark, the wolf eats Blanquette..

I remember this story when the declarer (the wolf) leads his squeeze card (runs its tongue along its teeth) against defender's (against Blanquette's) two promoted suits (two sharp horns)...

An example squeeze is shown at the left hand diagram. West (who is able to see dummy's hand) expects at least one trick in one of her/his two suits.. When declarer (South) leads his squeeze card (10), West's all great expectations disapear: If West discards J, dummy will discard K and make two more tricks in diamonds. If West discards A, dummy will discard 2 and make two more tricks withA and K. Poor Blanquette!

There are some requirements for a squeeze to occur:
1) You must have only one loser
2) You must have given up all inevitable tricks to bring your hand to only one loser..
3) You must be able to enter to either hand...
4) Your opponent must be expecting to win a trick with one of his two suits..

We can collect all these requirements in GOAT LAW. GOAT LAW is an acronym to describe the requirements for a squeeze:

G Declarer must Give up all necessary losers,
O Declare must left with only One loser,
A Declarer must have the Ability to enter to either  hand,
T Opponent must have expectations in Two suits.

There is also Mr. Clyde Love's BLUE LAW in squeeze. Newcomers are free to use either Love's BLUE LAW, or, BridgeBABA's GOAT LAW..

Below I will give you a downloadable example hand from "World Championship" for practising squeeze:

An Example of BridgeBABA's GOAT LAW

If you click you can play a hand which is taken from World Bridge Federation- World Bridge Championships Bulletin- Issue2, 23rd October 2001, Page11.

** "La Chevre de Monsieur Seguin" by Alphonse Daudet

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