The Ten Commandments of 
Bridge Ethics


The Sümbüls.

(This is a new wording against the rules of both Turkish and  English grammar. But, I believe both Turkish and English readers got the meaning of this word. I also believe that they all liked it. I didn't post "new wordings" in the Ten Commandments mainly because, I didn't want to keep the players away from the enjoyment of new wordings for a while.)

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1) You shall keep your face smiling.
You must show a courteous attitude to everybody..

2) You shall keep your eyes in your cards
You must not look at opponent's cards to check from which part of hand he/she is pulling the card, so as to estimate the number of cards in each suit.

3) You shall keep your voice in same tone..
You must not  make  special emphasis on some words. Like: "four clubs" correct, "four clubs?" is wrong.

4) You shall keep your head straight
You must not  turn your head slightly to either side to show your displeasure when your partner makes an unwanted lead, or double

5) You shall keep your arms always equally stretched,
You must not put your signalling card in your partner's eyes..

6) You shall keep your energy in the game
You must not  think kids' school expenses during game, otherwise you can pass your partner's takeout double..

7) You shall keep your mouth shut to all critiques
You must not criticize the auction during play..

8) You shall keep your tempo as uniform as possible.
Avoid artificial hesitations: If you hesitate to play when you have only one card in a suit, that is a bluff. Bluffs are valuable in poker clubs, unethical in bridge clubs.

9) You shall keep your fingers in same position..
If you change the position of your fingers quite often, the audience may take it as signalling to your partner.

10) You shall keep your intelligence with you
You must not  try to teach anyone at the table.. When people needs your views, they can ask you..

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