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Production Logging
Production logs is used to monitor well and reservoir

performance, and locate production problems. 

A production logging stack consist of the follow■ing downhole tools:

2- Fluid Density Tool
3- Pressure Tool
4- Temperature tool
5- Hydro Tool (or Capacitance Tool or Water Hold-up Meter)
6- Gamma Ray tool
7- Caliper Tool

Althouh a single down pass with above tools may give enough information, a number of up and down passes are usually recorded..

If flow is single phase (oil, water or gas) flowmeter tool is enough to measure flowrate..  For two or three phases flows it is necessary to measure the area occuppied by each phase in the production string.. So, we need density and hydro tool in the stack for more than one phase flow.

The fraction of water is known as water holdup, yw and it can be determined from fluid density (or capacitance meter) tool. The fraction of oil is  known as the oil hold-up, yo. The two fractions must total unity, so, the oil holdup is usually shown as 1-yw.

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