Measurement Type

Measuring Device

Measured Parameters

The Formation Resistivity Laterolog type

Resistivity in invaded and uninvaded zones 

The Formation Resistivity Induction type Formation Resistivity in invaded and uninvaded zones
Flushed Zone Resistivity MSFL type Formation Resistivity in flushed zone
Lithology and Porosity Neutron Log Neutron formation porosity, Cased Hole Neutron Porosity
Density Log Density formation porosity
Litho-Density Formation density , porosity and PE (Photoelectric)
Acoustic Logging Standard Sonic and Sonic Porosity
, and Sonic Porosity
Dipole Sonic , Sonic Porosity and rock mechanics
Borehole Acoustic Imaging 360 degree borehole image, fractures
Water Saturation There is no logging tool for measuring water saturation.
After running porosity and resistivity logs
Water Saturation may be computed by Archie's Equation

Archie's Equation

Formation Dip Dipmeter Dip of formation, sedimentary features, fractures, depositional enviroments.
Formation Scanner Borehole Image,  
Permeability Magnetic Resonance  Magnetic Resonance Imaging, permeability, free water & irreducible water
Mesurement of Natural Events Spontaneous Potential (SP) Sand-Shale differentiation and estimation of shaliness
Gamma Ray (GR) Clean zone –Shaly zone differentiation, Shale Volume from Gamma Ray (GR)
Spectral Gamma-Ray Clay Analysis (K,U Th concentrations)
Temperature Fractured zones, thief zones or water enterance
Borehole geometry Caliper Borehole diameter and geometry
Formation pressure, fluid Formation Tester Formation fluid sample, permeability and formation pressure
Geology Logging tools may reveal 
 geological facts.. 
Fault,   Breakouts,   Compaction
Mineral And Rocks Logging Parameters for Elements, Mineral And Rocks
Borehole Seismic VSP Check-Shot for seismic data control