Formation water resistivity (Rw) 

Formation Porosity(ø)

Water and Oil Saturation 

Enter formation temperature
in Fahrenhayt 

Enter Formation water salinity 
in ppm 

SPin mV (from log):

Rmf (log heading):

Rmf Temp(log heading):

Select Formation:

Select Formation

Select Formation Cleanness


Enter formation density from Density Log
in g/cc 

Rw from (I) column in (ohm.m)

Porosity from (II) column-
in Decimal

Formation Resistivity (Rt)
in Ohm.m 

Shale Resistivity, From nearest shale formation in ohm.m :
Shale Volume by 

This column helps you to find Rw (formation Water Resistivity. If you know Salinity you can find Rw. If you don't know salinity you must use SP log and mud resistivities

Enter formation porosity from Neutron log (as 0.12 )

This column computes porosity by using Density Neutron logs

This column computes Sw (Water saturation abd So (Oil saturaion) of formations. If you choose clean formation program ignores shale resistivity and volume