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2 Over 1 Game Forcing


2 2 Over 1 Game Forcing

 1NT  Forcing

The 2/1 Game Force bidding system is an improvement over the Standard American System

When responding to a major suit opening, 25-26 points will produce a major suit game..
When partner opens a major, partner has at least twelve starting points. If you have a fit:
and upon reevaluation of your hand have at least thirteen Dummy Points, you have a game in the major.
Responder with 13+ points must make a game force bid which forces partner (opener) to bid;
A game forcing response by responder is accomplished by showing a new suit at the two- level without jumping or skipping a bidding level.
1- If you are not a passed hand
2-If partner made a major suit opening,
3- If The opponents passed
Game Forcing Responses are:

1            With 4+cards 2 or 2
                 with 5+cards 2
1            With 4+cards 2 or 2

The game forcing bid is always made in a suit that has at least four cards and is forcing for one round of bidding.
The opener may not pass (unless the opponents interfere);
the pass made by the opener is called a forcing pass since your side has established a game force bidding sequence.
NT Forcing is integral part of 2-over-1 forcing-to-game system one-round force.
In standard bidding methods (SAYC), a 1NT response shows 5-10 HCP. Unlike Standard American, this bid is not limited to 6 to 10 HCP. It shows 5 to 12 HCP.
5-10 points range must be widened to include the game-invitational 11-12 point hands that are ineligible for a game-forcing 2/1 response.

Responder makes the bid of 1NT if he has 5-12 points. This bid is called as forcing NT for one round.
The bid of 1NT does not promise a rebid by responder.

1NT response,
1- Denies a hand strong enough to force to game.
2- May have a balanced or non-balanced distribution.
3- Denies four-card support for opener’s major (may have three-card support, a singleton, two-card support, or a void).
4- In response to , it denies four spades.

“The 1NT response is only forcing if the opening bid is 1 or 1
“unless responder is a passed hand, you must find a rebid after opening 1 or 1 and hearing a Forcing 1NT response from partner.
Most of the time, you can make your standard rebid, as if the 1NT response were non forcing. The only exception is when you have a minimum hand with which you would pass a standard 1NT response. Since you must bid something, you may have to manufacture a bid on a three-card minor suit, or simply rebid your five-card major suit.”

“Although the 1NT response to 1 or 1 is forcing if the opponents are silent, the situation changes if the opponents interfere.
If there is a takeout double or an overcall over the opening bid, the 1NT response is natural, non forcing. If an opponent interferes after a forcing 1NT response, opener doesn’t have to bid unless it is convenient to do so.”

Note: the response of 1 to 1 is not a 2/1 game force bid. 1 to 1 opening bid shows 4+cards spades and 5+ points