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     Bridge7.com is one of the magnificient sites in Turkey. The site was constructed by Yalcin Pekiner (1947-?). Site is full of free bridge programs: You can find any bridge aspect as software.. Lessons, articles, tests and freeware are enough to make you a bridge expert..

One of the other magnificient sites in Turkey is Mt. Nemrut. The site was constructed by King Antiochus 1 who reigned over Commagene in 38 BC near Adiyaman (TURKEY)

     Antiochus believed himself to be the descendent of Apollo so, he built a statue of himself along with those of Apollo, Zeus,  Fortuna and Hercules. The heads of the ancient gods now lie scattered at the summit of the mountain. The heads of the statues  have tumbled down in the course of years, and have been erected again on the place they fell. They are all about 2 meters high.
     Antiochus' site has always more visitors than Bridge7.com: This is mainly because his site has links to some heavenly bodies!

  I just constructed Bridge7.com in order to have some visitors when I also become history..